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Mission Statement: CPESN South Carolina is partnering with the best in class pharmacies to provide excellence in pharmaceutical care in the community setting.  We encourage you to join with other pharmacies that are implementing enhanced services as they provide care to their patients.


The South Carolina Community Pharmacy Enhanced Services Network (SC CPESN) is a group of independent pharmacies that have banded together to focus on providing the "extra" services necessary to consistently improve health and outcomes for the residents of our state. South Carolina has 46 counties and there is a network pharmacy or interested pharmacy in all of the counties. We have 12 Luminaries that are spearheading this initiative and moving it forward. The Luminary group meets once a month to check on the status of the network and to see what items need attention to keep the group forward thinking.  We currently have most of the participating pharmacies listed on the Pharmacy Locator Application (PLA). This enables providers to find pharmacies that are willing and able to provide the services they are looking for regarding individual patients and/or groups of patients. We are actively working on a partnership with the South Carolina Pharmacy Association. 


How to join

Contact: info@cpesn.com




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