CPESN® South Carolina Minimum Service Sets


1. Comprehensive Medication Review: A systematic assessment of patient-specific information including all medication therapies to identify medication therapy problems, develop a prioritized list of medication therapy problems, and create a patient-specific plan to resolve medication therapy problems.  


2. Adherence Coaching: Provide patient counseling and adherence coaching based on the referral from a representative of the medical neighborhood 


3. Med Synchronization: A proactive process of timing a patient’s routine refills with a pharmacist’s clinical disease state management and monitoring for progression toward desired therapeutic goals.  The purpose of medication synchronization is to ensure that patients are refilling and taking their medications as prescribed and to ensure that patients are achieving therapeutic goals with safe and effective medications.  This process is not to be confused with automatic refill. 



4. Immunizations: Pharmacists should actively screen patients for ACIP recommended immunizations, educate patients about needed immunizations, and should provide at minimum the following immunizations:  influenza, pneumococcal (both conjugate and polysaccharide) and herpes zoster as appropriate per patient population. If a pharmacy is unable to provide immunizations at their site (ex. LTC facility or clinic/hospital location), they should actively screen patients for needed immunizations, educate patients/caregivers about immunizations needed and refer patients to another provider for these immunizations